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In our previous blog, part one of our series, we discussed the value of hiring a professional to work on your estate plan. We also talked about the danger of trying to draft your own or getting a friend or novice to help you with estate planning. This is something that is always best left to an actual estate lawyer because only a professional who is experienced in estate planning will be able to fully understand the ins and outs of the industry. Knowing that someone who knows what they’re doing is working for you can make a huge difference in your peace of mind throughout the process. Don’t trust your wishes and intentions to anyone but an estate lawyer.

In today’s blog, we’ll continue along the same thought process as we explore more reasons to hire a lawyer for all of your estate planning needs. Continue reading on to learn more!

3. You’ll Save Money

Without an estate plan that’s set in stone, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to end up paying more in the long run. Professional fees, court costs, taxes, and other factors could cost you a pretty penny. Using a flat rate with an attorney will be a much more practical and economically smart decision when it comes to long-term costs. To avoid costly mistakes on your estate planning, contact the estate planning experts at Valente Law today.

4. Estate Planning is Complex

As we’ve mentioned before, there is so much to think about when it comes to planning out your estate. It’s such a specialized field that even a standard lawyer might not be as equipped to handle your estate as an estate lawyer would. Additionally, an estate lawyer is familiar with the regulations and policies and if they’re experienced, they’ve come up with countless estate plans for many other clients. Trust your estate into the hands of an experienced legal team: Valente Law.

5. Estate Planning Doesn’t Come With Do-Overs

Though many people make small changes and adjustments to their wills and estates throughout their lives, there is a crucial point for everyone when it becomes “too late” to fix or change anything within the documents. This point is, of course, when you pass away, and after that moment, it will be too late to fix errors in your estate. Make sure that your estate plan is accurate and fully comprehensive the first time so that you’ll have the valuable peace of mind that comes with it.

6. Your Estate Lawyer is Objective

There are so many reasons why an estate lawyer is a valuable person to have working for you. One of those reasons is that they are completely and fully objective. Unlike yourself, your friends, or your family members, your estate lawyer has no preconceived ideas or personal feelings regarding you and your wealth management and truly wants to work to fulfill your wishes alone. The experts at Valente Law are so skilled in estate planning that we not only are listening to what you say, we’re also paying attention to what you aren’t saying. Our objectivity helps us better serve our Chicago clients.

7. Lawyers Are in This Process Anyway

There are a good number of individuals who simply don’t trust lawyers. Perhaps it’s a negative stigma that they’ve adopted from movies or media. Maybe it’s due to a frustrating experience with a lawyer or legal team. Whatever causes people to mistrust lawyers, it’s important to know a couple of things. First of all, some legal teams are so dedicated to their clients that they treat them the same way they would treat their own family. Secondly, whether one likes lawyers or not, it is almost a sure thing that once a person passes away, their estate, such as it is, will be handled by lawyers. Why not get ahead of this and use a trustworthy legal mind to set up your estate in the first place?

No matter what you’ve heard about estate lawyers, it’s important and valuable to challenge yourself on these notions and beliefs. The biggest thing that we hope you’ve taken away from our estate planning blog series is that it is so vital to leave your estate planning to professional and experienced estate lawyers. There are so many reasons why this is an important move to make, but perhaps the most significant one is that you won’t be around to see things through. You need to make sure that you’ve left clear and sensible instructions for your estate and wealth management.

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