In estate planning, my goal is to provide a simple, organized, and comfortable approach to my clients to help them transition their businesses, wealth, and values to the next generation. I want to help them do this in a way that allows that generation to appreciate the businesses, wealth, and values responsibly. While this can be a daunting task, I work hard to deliver for you and educate you throughout the process.

While good estate planning lawyers listen carefully to what their clients tell them, great estate planning lawyers listen equally to what their clients don’t tell them.

Having an extensive background in estate planning, I have developed an innate ability to sense what a client isn’t talking about…whether it’s because some things just don’t seem important, or because some issues seem too sensitive to discuss. I don’t limit our goals to merely saving taxes, but rather to ensure that our role is helping a family transfer its wealth in a manner designed to help the next generation preserve the family’s values in process.

I help families adopt practices and processes designed to ensure that their businesses and relationships survive the disruption caused by the transfer of assets and business to younger generations — whether that disruption is caused by grief, lack of preparation, or inter-family conflicts.

I’m honored to represent the broadest range of individuals, from those with assets of hundreds of millions of dollars to those with modest means. I have clients of all demographics and that includes single and previously-married individuals, unmarried couples, married couples, gay and lesbian couples, and those with blended families.

My goal is to be an asset to you and your family for years to come and I pride myself on representing multiple generations of the same family.